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"I cannot recommend Peak Alkalinity enough! I've been purchasing my water there for months and decided to buy a unit. Bob was very professional in the installation, having to cut through my granite and didn't leave any dust or anything! I love this place! Missy Mayeux Guitterrez is awesome and her staff is so helpful. I've been on the fence about buying a unit and am so happy with my decision. Thanks Missy and Bob!"
Ann Andrew
Fairhope, AL
"Wow! What a difference Peak Alkalinity has made in our home! Without a doubt I can say my family is healthier than ever before. After switching to alkaline water, for the first 2 days I could feel a physical change in my own body. I feel more hydrated, my skin has improved, and I feel more balanced than I have in years. I feel confident knowing that when I service it to our cook for my 3 boys, that they are getting all the good stuff WITHOUT the bad. And our city water is BAD! With high levels of manganese & iron that turn your whites to orange or leave a slimy ring around your faucets, and a chlorine level you can smell when running the faucet, I was more than a little concerned. We were actually consuming this horrible water! Knowing my family is healthy and safe made this purchase worth every penny!"
Poppy M.
Madisonville, LA
"Altitude sickness and headaches are gone! Energy to burn! My family is very health-conscious, and we enjoy the lifestyle that living at high altitude provides. Drawbacks, however, can include extreme fatigue, headaches, and disorientation. We purchased an alkaline unit from Peak Alkalinity two months ago, and it significantly changed our lives! Not only are the issues associated with altitude sickness gone, but we have experienced a huge gain in our energy levels. That, combined with the amazing health benefits of drinking alkaline water, has made it one of the most valuable purchases we have ever made."
Greg W.
Evergreen, CO
"Although I consider myself a competitive athlete, I recently experienced a couple of fairly serious medical setbacks. After a consultation with my doctor and personal research regarding natural remedies, I discovered articles and testimonials regarding the benefit of alkaline water how much it can benefit one's body. I spoke with several alkaline water system owners before I became convinced I needed one. I contacted Peak Alkalinity regarding their 9 titanium blade model. The owner, Bob, was helpful and came to my home to install the unit. Since owning the unit, I feel more hydrated and resilient to strenuous activities. My recovery time from physical stress in and outside of the gym is cut almost in half. The alkaline water taste is clean and crisp. I love my new machine. It makes me wonder why I didn't get one much sooner instead of wasting time on doubt."
John C.
Mandeville, LA
"Peak Alkalinity is truly an amazing place. The owners are so invested in what they do and the community that they serve. Missy and Bob always go the etra mile to make sure everyone is so well taken care of. They remember their customers, they become family, they genuinely care about your health and your well-being. Their employees are also just as knowledgeable in helping you understand what an amazing difference drinking the right water can make. I seriously suggest you check this place out, number one for the amazing foot detox and sauna room, number two, to fill up on some really high-quality water that will truly make a difference in your health, and number three: seriously consider getting one of these units for your hours!"
Kelly Hanna
Fairhope, AL
"By now, we’ve all heard that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment, but I was unprepared for the other benefits of drinking ionized water. I have seen a huge increase in energy throughout the day and improved sleep at night. Also, I have found my skin is much clearer and feels more hydrated. Finally, I love the idea that Peak Alkalinity’s bottles are keeping those disposable plastic bottles out of landfills."
Paul D.
New Orleans, LA

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