We are making the water you love at Peak Alkalinity even more accessible with our new rental program! Keep your entire family healthy without the commitment to purchase!

Rental Program Details:

$299.00 Non-refundable deposit required – covers installation kit, pre-filter with installation kit & descaling kit (required for regular cleanings).

Should you decide to purchase at a later date this deposit can be used towards a 9, 11 or 13 plate Ionizer.

Rental Option 1 – $99/month-to-month with a 6 month minimum.

Rental Option 2 – $69/month with a 1 year agreement.

After Initial deposit is received, payments will be made ACH (voided check & signed paperwork required). If at any time after the rental period ends you would like to remove the Ionizer from your home, simply call Peak Alkalinity to un-install the Ionizer at no charge & with no further obligation.

Customer is responsible for routine filter changes & descaling. Peak Alkalinity is happy to schedule routine service calls to take care of this task for you or a 1-time service call to walk you through the steps.