You take your health seriously, so the water you drink at home has an optimal alkaline content, but what about the water you drink while you’re on the water? It can be frustrating to deal with limitations on your drinking water simply because you chose to spend a day on the lake, the river, or a few days at sea. That’s why we’ve developed an alkaline water ionizer unit made specifically for boats — so that you can have the water you want!

When you’re on a boat, a sufficient supply of fresh drinking water is essential; the water you keep on your boat should be the same quality as the water in your home — pure, clean, and with the perfect alkalinity. We believe that your health shouldn’t be sacrificed just because you’ve changed locations, and we’re dedicated to developing machines that enable consistency when it comes to the alkaline water you drink.

Our in-home products run off of electricity, but our marine products keep the power limitations of your boat in mind by functioning without an electrical power source. When there is too much of a draw on electricity, a boat can experience power loss due to a blown breaker — but that’s not a concern with our marine unit. Thanks to our unique boat-friendly machine, you can navigate the lake or the bay without sacrificing the quality of your drinking water or the power of your boat.

While not quite as robust as our in-home unit, the marine unit does an excellent job of adjusting your water’s alkalinity in the range of 9-9.8 pH. That means fun on the water without giving up the alkalinity you believe in — and that’s an aquatic adventure we can get behind.

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