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Ways to Enjoy Alkaline Water On the Go

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Alkaline water is the one of the best natural resources for your body. It has several health benefits and leaves you feeling hydrated and refreshed. Having it within reach isn’t always easy-  but you can with these simple ideas!


Fill up anywhere with Peak Alkalinity’s Hydro2Go portable ionizer dispenser. This stylish device uses 13 unique minerals to easily convert regular tap water or bottled water into great tasting alkaline water. Simply add water to the dispenser, shake a few minutes, remove the filter and enjoy! The Hydro2Go is made of stainless steel and makes the perfect companion for errands, sporting events or a day spent outdoors. Check out more information and get your own Hydro2Go by clicking here. (

Peak Alkalinity BPA/BPS Free Water Bottles

Peak Alkalinity’s BPA/BPS free water bottles are a cool and convenient way to take alkaline water anywhere you go. We offer a variety of colors and styles for you to keep your mineralized water nearby. Shop now in store or on our website (!

Home Alkaline Water Ionizers

Get the benefits of alkaline water at home with our premium water ionizer home units. These products can be placed on your kitchen counter or installed underneath with a faucet that is installed at the sink. The units are equipped with BPA free tubing and LED color panels, which display your units functions, including the water’s current pH level. Purchase any of our BPA/BPS free water bottles and fill up anytime with fresh alkaline water. Units are available at Peak Alkalinity in Fairhope, Alabama and on (

Alkaline Water Refills

Need a gallon of alkaline water to go? Peak Alkalinity has you covered with our convenient in-store alkaline water refill station. We have a variety of sizes available for purchase including:

1 Gallon – $4.00

2.2 Liters – $2.00

1 Liter – $1.00

24 Ounces – $.75

You can visit us anytime during our shop’s operating hours to refill and refresh!

Marine Unit Water Ionizer

Being refreshed and hydrated while spending a day outside is important. Now you can enjoy alkaline water while actually being on the water with Peak Alkalinity’s Marine Unit Water Ionizer ( This unit does not require an electrical power source, which makes it perfect for those longs days spent on lake, river or ocean.

Keep the benefits of alkaline at your fingertips with any of these portable suggestions. At Peak Alkalinity, our products and services make it easy for you to enjoy alkaline water anywhere, anytime. Visit us today Peak Alkalinity for your alkaline water needs.

Peak Alkalinity is based out of Fairhope, Alabama and sells premium water ionizers and a line of supporting products to help you discover optimal health from the inside out. We understand the many benefits of having proper alkaline levels in your body, and we’re committed to helping you live the healthiest, most fulfilled life you possibly can. We also provide a variety of health and wellness services, including massages, mineral showers, and more.

Contact us for more information about our alkaline water products or find a Peak Alkalinity location near you.