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How Alkaline Water Helps with Diabetes


Diabetes is a dangerous and common disease that many people in America have to deal with every day of their life. According to the American Diabetes Associate, it affects more than 25 million people in the United States alone. Diabetes is characterized by having high levels of glucose in the blood, which causes a large number of other problems and puts diabetics at risk for other illnesses. There are many ways to help prevent diabetes, but one way is to drink alkaline ionized water instead of tap water.

How Ionized Water Helps

Water that is ionized has an alkaline pH of more than 7. Because of this, drinking ionized alkaline water helps to restore the body’s pH by providing it with a source of alkalinity, which counteracts acidity. Alkaline ionized drinking water helps to provide the pancreas a break from its work of helping to balance the body’s pH level, which in return helps to prevent pancreatic breakdown, which can increase the risk of diabetes.

Free Radicals and Diabetes

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are more likely to react with other molecules. These molecules are produced by chemical reactions in the body and by the immune system while it fights off disease. Free radicals are presumed to play a role in the annihilation of the pancreas, which takes place in Type 1 Diabetes. Because alkaline water is ionized, it contains active hydrogen molecules, which neutralize free radicals that could be floating around in the body. If you have fewer free radicals present in your body, you are less likely to develop diabetes as well as other diseases these molecules can cause.

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