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How Alkaline Water Helps with Arthritis

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Arthritis suffers know that their condition can impact their everyday routine and the debilitating and chronic pain that causes discomfort and limited mobility. If you are one of the millions who suffer from this disease, alkaline water may provide the solution to alleviate your pain.

Our Acidic Environment and Arthritis
Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that occurs in the joints within the body. The joints become inflamed resulting in swelling, pain and stiffness. Sometimes the condition is so bad that a person can lose function of their hands, legs and feet. While a variety of factors point to the cause of arthritis, more researchers believe it is a result of environmental and biological origins.
We are exposed to harmful toxins on a daily basis. Car emissions, polluted air and even the food we eat cause our bodies to be more acidic. Acidosis occurs when there is too much acid in the body. This excess of acid causes the number of white blood cells to increase thus resulting in an attack on parts of the body. The result can lead to the development of a variety of diseases, such as arthritis. To prevent an influx of white blood cells forming, we need to decrease our exposure to acidic elements.

How it Helps
Maintaining a natural pH of 7.40 to 7.46 will allow your body to remain healthy with optimal benefits. However, consumption of refined carbohydrates, processed sugar and preservatives causes this number to decrease resulting in acidosis. Alkaline water will neutralize those acids in your body and will allow it to heal itself naturally.
Alkaline water also helps stabilize at the cellular level as well. Since cells require water to remove toxins and absorb nutrients, water that is acidic can deter that process. Consuming alkaline water will allow your cells to expel the toxins that can cause disease properly.

Make Alkaline Water Part of Your Regimen
Adding alkaline water to your diet is as simple as filling your glass. It is safe to consume in healthy amounts and has added benefits including weight loss and cancer reducing properties. At Peak Alkalinity, we have several products available to make it a simple switch to alkaline water.

Get back to mobility and start your day off pain-free with a healthy dose of alkaline water. Stop by Peak Alkalinity to discuss any questions you may have about adding alkaline water to your regimen.

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