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Missy Guitterrez

Missy Guitterrez

Missy Guitterrez is the founder and co-owner of Peak Alkalinity LLC. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and practiced pharmacy for six years in Louisiana. She spent the next 20 years in the financial services industry; 10 years of which were spent as a Divisional Vice President for a Fortune 68 company.

Peak Alkalinity, LLC was formed out of a desire to meld her skills from these two fields to pursue better health for her family, friends and community. An advocate of physical fitness, Missy is a former collegiate athlete, two-time gold medal Junior Olympian, and holder of ten AAU medals in Shotokan karate. She believes that routine physical activity, when coupled with proper hydration and pH balance, will reduce stress, increase energy, enable restorative sleep, and generally improve well-being.

Missy resides in Fairhope, Alabama, with her two beautiful daughters, Emma Elizabeth and Ava Grace. Her father, Dickie is also a resident of Fairhope, Alabama, and is still going strong at the youthful age of 87.

Bob WIll

Bob Will

A resident of Fairhope, AL, co-owner Bob Will is an avid outdoorsman. He participates in hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and rock climbing. Bob finished in first place with his team for a 24-hour marathon in Rota, Spain. He wrestled throughout his entire high school career, played competitive rugby for 17 years, has competed in multiple Spartan races across the United States, and takes part in the CrossFit Games every year. Additionally, Bob spent 7 years in the U.S. Navy, finishing in the top 25 in a statewide Marine Corps PT competition in Wisconsin.

In addition to Peak Alkalinity, Bob founded a masonry restoration and waterproofing company in 2000. He is the proud father of two children: Dillion Will, who has started his music career with Rocket Records, and Samantha Will, a recent graduate of University of Boulder with a degree in speech pathology.

Ingrid McCallum

Fun fact about Ingrid McCallum: she was born in Vienna, Austria! Ingrid grew up in Southern California and moved to Louisiana where she attended LSU. After getting her Physical Education degree, she began working in the Health System of Baton Rouge General Hospital in the Heart and Fitness Center, testing and personalizing exercise programs.

For 18 years, Ingrid lived in Grayton Beach, Florida on the Gulf Coast, until she vacationed in Point Clear and Fairhope and never looked back! She loved the Fairhope community so much that they left Florida and moved to the area. Ingrid’s favorite thing about Fairhope? She loves how close it is to the water and that it’s a walking town!

We got to know Ingrid after she discovered Peak Alkalinity when we were in our “build-out” stage. Once we opened, she became a regular and started drinking the water. Now, Ingrid is passionate about learning everything about the health benefits of alkaline water! She began working part-time at Peak Alkalinity in December 2017.

She is happily married and lives in Fairhope, Alabama.

Lisa Hollingsworth

Lisa grew up in Mobile in a faith based, medical family and was a state champion runner in high school. She had just started running track in college when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her journey to wellness and wholeness began, not only through treatment by her doctors, but also through her own actions and choices of nutrition, supplements, and both physical and spiritual fitness. Lisa has a B.S. in biology from Spring Hill College and worked for over 15 years in healthcare and eduction. She has also been a community volunteer for over 35 years and has been active in community and church based Bible study for over 20 years. She is married to Chuck Hollingsworth and they have 3 children, John, Andrew, and Grace.

Ian Miller

A native of Jamaica, Ian Miller left Jamaica at the age of 14 for Brooklyn, NY. After graduating high school he joined the United States marine corps, where he served for 4yrs. After leaving the Marines with Honorable standing, he attended Palomar State junior college and finished his A.S degree in pre medicine. He also attended the University of South Alabama where he acquired a B.S degree in Biology and related Sciences.

Ian also acquired several certifications, such as personal training, through ACE and ISSA. He also completed 850 hours in massage therapy. All of these endeavors allowed him to achieve extensive knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry. Ian has three beautiful daughters, and resides in Mobile, Alabama.

T. Todd Martin, III

Todd is a professional real estate developer who has over 30 years of experience in the field. Mr. Martin also devoted over 15 years to the ServiceMaster franchise business. He won numerous awards including “Distributor of the Year.” Todd has held positions including Southland Capital Realty Group – Chief Executive Officer 2007- Present, Delicious Dietitian – CEO 2013-Present. He is married and has four children and two grandchildren.

Laura Jayne Hall

Laura Hall has a Master of Science Degree in Management and an undergraduate degree in Education and Psychology. With Premium Nutrition and Laser Focused programs, she is able to help FREE people in all aspects of their lives, health, fitness, performance, aging and Mental Mindset creating a positive change in her clients’ lives. She is now a resident in Daphne, AL as well as has a residence in Saint Augustine, FL. Laura has 2 beautiful children, Braxton, age 24, and Sydney, age 22. She has been married to her soulmate for the past 33 years.

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