Cancer has affected many people in this world. You probably could name a handful of people you know that have been affected by this terrible disease. To take part in an alkaline based diet, it means you eat foods that match the alkalinity of your blood to contribute to your health. It has been found that an alkaline diet reduces an individual’s risk for chronic diseases, such as heart disease or cancer, and helps to promote weight loss. Keep reading below on how alkalinity can help to prevent cancer.

Alkalinity and Cancer Research
An independent lab experiment that was conducted found that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments and cannot survive under alkaline conditions.

What Does the Alkaline Diet Involve
The alkaline diet is not based on whether the food you are eating is acidic, but rather if it creates an acidic environment in your body. Citrus fruit, for example, is naturally acidic. However, eating it contributes to your body having an alkaline environment. The alkaline diet involves eating alkaline producing foods. Some examples of alkaline producing foods include vegetables, roots, tubers, nuts, legumes, and fresh fruits. During the alkaline diet, you should also limit the amount of acid-producing foods you intake such as meats and dairy products.

Top Alkaline, Cancer Fighting Foods
Many of the foods eaten in the alkaline diet have been found to help prevent cancer. For instance, turmeric, kale, spinach, and garlic have all been found to help prevent cancer. With garlic, it has been found that the same substance that gives it the strong odor, helps prevent cancer-causing substances to form in your body. Garlic has been found to protect against and potentially reverse the following cancers: Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Leukemia, Gastric Cancer, Melanoma, Pancreatic Cancer, and many more. In the above foods that are listed, many of the benefits come from the sulfur they contain.

By partaking in an alkaline diet, you will be doing your body a great service to protect it from cancer. Of course, there is no absolute guarantee for anything in life, but it is widely known that some cancers can be avoided with the right lifestyle choices. By partaking in an alkaline diet (there are cheat days, don’t worry) you will also be helping prevent other conditions like heart disease or type II diabetes. If you have any questions about alkalinity, Peak Alkalinity is here to help you! Whether you are looking for the right steps to take for an alkaline diet, or just want some more information, we have you covered.

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