When it comes to taking care of your health, is drinking eight glasses of water a day a rule you abide by? When it comes to your water choices, have you ever really considered anything other than filtered water? If you are an avid water drinker, you should consider drinking alkaline water. Actually, you should consider alkaline water even if you are not an avid water drinker! Keep reading below for a comparison of alkaline water and bottled water.

Taste and Texture

One important thing to note about water is the pH level. A pH level measures how acidic or alkaline the water is. If water has a pH level of 0 is definitely acidic. However, if it has a pH level of 14, it is alkaline. In order to remain healthy and prevent diseases, our bodies need to remain at a pH level of  7.4, which is considered neutral. The brands of water you may find at your local WalMart can actually measure out to be extremely acidic on the pH scale. When you first drink alkaline water, you may notice a difference in the taste and texture. Many people say it has a smooth, soft feel to it compared to other bottled waters.

Alkaline Water and the Science Behind It

Drinking alkaline water has been known to cause a better pH balance and additional hydration. A study was published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine in 2010, which found that people who drank alkaline water had an improved acid-base balance and hydration compared to those who drank tap water.

Bottle Water

You may be able to tell by strolling through your grocery store that bottled water is very popular. Although it is popular, they may not be at their healthiest potential. A study which was conducted over a four year period found that many of the bottled water brands we consume were simply just filled with tap water. If you prefer to drink tap water over alkaline water, your best alternative is to set up a water filter in your home and office.

There are many different types of alkaline waters to choose from and it could be beneficial for those who suffer from acid reflux. If you are a healthier individual, alkaline water could encourage a higher intake of water because of its unique taste and texture, but it may not make a significant difference.

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