If you are reading this, you’re probably aware of the benefits of alkaline water and the importance of being pH balanced. However, there is one thing that is often overlooked when it comes to alkaline water ionizers – they produce acidic water. If you are curious about how to use acidic water, don’t worry: there are a multitude of ways! One of the most popular is that it helps keep your home clean. Keep reading below to find out some useful ways to use acidic water.

Keep a Clean Kitchen and Home
As we stated above, one of the most popular uses for acidic water is to clean the home. Acidic water has disinfecting properties and can be used to clean things in the kitchen like countertops (not granite), sinks, and more! It also can help to prevent food poisoning from e-coli or other forms of bacteria. Acidic water can also be used as a natural bleach that will clean your home chemical free! Acidic water is great for removing dirt and grime in the household, all while helping prevent odors!

Preparing Food to Cook
Acidic water can be used to rinse fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and more! This will help to prevent forms of bacteria from occurring. You can also rinse it with alkaline water to give it double the dose of cleanliness!

Spray Bottles
Acidic Water can be used as a hand sanitizer or to clean sunglasses. When used as a hand sanitizer, it can help to remove the strongest of odors like onions! Rather than using a chemical-filled hand sanitizer, try using acidic water instead. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you are ready to roll!

Cleaning Cuts
Acidic water is also useful when it comes to treating minor cuts! It will help to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by burns and can also cause a quicker recovery. Using acidic water for cuts and burns also helps to prevent infection from occurring.

Did you know that rainwater is acidic? Hence, by watering your plants with acidic water it will help them to grow!

Acidic water is non-toxic, which means that there are NO side-effects when you use it! This is not the case for most products. We highly encourage you to try replacing acidic water in exchange for some of the daily items you are using. We are almost certain you will love what acidic water can do. Maybe even more so than alkaline water!

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