Did you know that boosting your metabolism is a great way to burn fat? If you eat the right foods and drink the right water you can help to optimize the rate at which your body burns fat! Alkaline water is the key to switching your fat-burning metabolism into high-speed gear because it provides your body with the best possible hydration. By keeping your hydration up, you will have a noticeable increase in energy, which will help you out once you reach that 3 pm slump each day!

How Alkaline Water Enhances Hydration

Alkaline water enhances hydration two ways: osmosis and aquaporins. Did you know that your cells absorb water in two ways? The first way is through osmosis. Osmosis is the tendency of water to move through the walls of cells to equalize the concentrations of solutes inside of and outside of the cells. The ability of water to penetrate a cell wall is determined by the water’s surface tensions. Surface tension can be found by the amount of energy it takes to break through the surface of the water you consume. Alkaline water has lower surface tension than regular water, which has been proven through testing. Aquaporins are tiny channels in your cells that allow water to pass through. These tiny channels are amazing because they can pass one BILLION molecules of water into or out of a cell each second.

What Does Alkaline Water Energy Feel Like?

The energy you receive from alkaline water will feel natural- because it is! Unlike the stimulates you can take that trick your body into feeling energetic, alkaline water simply provides healthy hydration and your body takes care of the rest. Natural energy is superior to those stimulants because there is no feeling of a crash later on in the day. One major benefit of drinking alkaline water is most obvious around the time of day you would usually begin to feel fatigued. Many of us feel tired and slumped around 2pm-3pm each day. However, once you begin drinking alkaline water you can kick that slump to the curb!

If you are ready to say goodbye to that 3pm crash, give us a call at Peak Alkalinity today. We can assist you with any further questions that you may have and help get you on track to staying energized for longer. Alkaline water will help you feel better throughout each day and also keep your metabolism boosted!

Peak Alkalinity is based out of Fairhope, Alabama and sells premium water ionizers and a line of supporting products to help you discover optimal health from the inside out. We understand the many benefits of having proper alkaline levels in your body, and we’re committed to helping you live the healthiest, most fulfilled life you possibly can. We also provide a variety of health and wellness services, including massages, mineral showers, and more. Let us help you reach peak alkalinity.

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