Products: 1301-S Alkaline Water Ionizer

1301-S Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer & Faucet (Bundle)



  • This high- performance water ionizer by Peak Alkalinity features 13 ultra-efficient platinum-coated titanium plates to treat water and a multi-stage dual carbon filtration system.
  • Includes a next-generation SMPS 450 watt power system and MaxCool Super Cooling System.
  • The 1301-S system has a sleek and compact design, featuring user-friendly smart touch buttons and a wide display panel.
  • A complete auto-diagnosis system ensures that your Peak Alkalinity water ionizer is long-lasting, so you can continue to easily produce pure and healthy alkaline water.
  • This unit comes with a stylish faucet and BPA-free tubing installation.
  • The faucet boasts smart touch buttons and a full-size, wide color LED panel. The full-color panel has options for displaying pH levels, the number of liters of filter life left in each filter, water flow rate, activating the auto-diagnosis system and more.
  • 8 programmable languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, German, and Italian.

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